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I don't have credit card. Can I Pay using Demand Draft, Cheque, Cash, Fund Transfer, Money Order?

Sorry, our billing agents accept only credit card payment. We do not accept any other mode of payment.

Can you send us VCD/ DVD of the movies?

We do not sell any VCD/ DVD of these movies. You can download it and convert to VCD or DVD at your end. Learn to convert it at

Do you have any shops or selling agents?

We are selling only downloadable movie clips thru internet. We do not have any physical shop dealers or agents.

How can I join your site ?

Very takes Less than 2 minutes only. You can join our site by clicking here. It is highly secure and safe. Just click Here or Join Now icon on main page which will take you to our billing agent’s website. Enter in your credit card details and a preferred username/password and submit the form. They use a 128-bit strong encryption to make sure all your information is safe and protected. Instantly you will be transferred to members area and can start downloading right away. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete this process and you can start downloading the contents today, now itself. NO WAITING TIME...INSTANT ACCESS

Is it safe to use Credit card with your website?

We have appointed the most popular and well established billing agents to do the credit card transactions. All transactions are 128-bit strong encrypted to make sure all your information is safe and protected.   Our billing agents are well known all over the world for its reliability and customer service. None of your financial details are shared with us.

How much does it cost for me ?

We have reasonably priced our membership fees. You can see more details of it by clicking here.

How do I renew my membership ?

If you want to continue with our site, you need to join again. There is no automatic renewal of your membership.

Will you charge my Credit card every month?

No, only one time charge only. You are joining our site with a one time non-recurring charges. You will not be billed again.

How do I cancel my membership?

You will not be re-billed again. So basically its not required to cancel your membership. Your membership will be expired automatically after the membership period. If you want to continue with our site, you need to join again.

How to download large file movies clips?

You can right click on the link and select “save as” to save the movie files to your computer. It is recommened to use a download manager. We recommend Download accelerator.

Will I get Full Length movies also?

No, for full length movies, you have to visit our partner site Overthere you can have high quality full length Indian Sex movies.

Is the contents of Mastmovies and this site same?

We are having over 300 clips in this There are very few clips belonging to mastmovies (Less than 50 clips). This site, contains only Sex clips extracted from different Indian sex Videos including Indian Sex Movies. Mastmovies is a great source of only Full length Indian Sex movies, which tells story together with high energy sex scenes.

How much speed can I get during download ?

The Download speed varies with the server and the traffic with your ISP. Our users experience download speed ranging from 60k/s to 200k/s (dsl, cable modems) and 3k/s to 5k/s for 56k/Modem.

Can I use Downloadable managers to download?

Yes, it is recommened to use a download manager. We recommend Download accelerator. You can get a free copy of this software from internet at

Do I need any special software to play the movies?

We have coded all movie clips in the most popular video codec formats which are playable on your computer without much effort. Majority of our movie clips are coded in DIVX. Remaining are in WMV, AVI, MPG & RMV format. These formats works with windows media player, which is already preloaded in windows operating system.

You can also download the following Free Media players, if you are lacking any codes in your windows media player.

    Divx Player :

    Winamp from :

    Media Player Classic :

    VLC Player :

    Real Player :

How long it takes to access the movie clips after payment?

You get instant access the movie files after payment. No waiting time, Instant Access..

Are you providing streaming videos or downloadable movie clips?

We are providing you full downloadable movies. You can download it and watch it as many times as you can.

What is the difference between streaming videos and downloadable movie clips?

Streaming movie clips are low quality, and often won't work for 56K modem users due to bandwidth restrictions. Streaming movie clips cannot be saved to your harddisk. Downloadable movie clips which we offer are of high quality in formats. These can be saved directly to your computer’s harddisk. After downloading you can view it as often as you as you want from your harddisk.

Privacy !! Can I make a discreet order, I don’t want to reveal my details of order to anyone?

We highly respect your privacy. Your order will be very discreet. We will NOT share your details with any other company and so your order is strictly confidential. We will add your email address to our email list and email you when we update our site.

I cannot find an answer to my question here, How can I contact you before making my order?

Write to us

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